Travis Scott Drops Off Vertical Video For “Watch” On Spotify


It’s safe to say the usage smartphones isn’t going away anytime soon, so you better get to used to these vertical videos. If you haven’t noticed by now, a ton artists have been releasing these “vertical videos” over the past few weeks, which is shot in portrait mode and is taller than it is wide, meant for viewing on your phone for instance. After seeing Nicki Minaj, Tinashe & Buddy do it this month, Travis Scott is joining in on the fun and has released a new vertical video for his new single “Watch” featuring Kanye West & Lil Uzi Vert. However, Kanye & Uzi don’t make an appearance in this one, but you never know about the ficial video.

Shot at what appears to be Six Flags, where he celebrated his birthday at recently, La Flame enjoys the dark, night-time rides and sounds the amusement park in this first visual teaser Astroworld.

This visual comes just a couple days after Travis was spotted the studio with the LA Leakers working & talking about his upcoming new music. In fact, Travis said Astroworld is going to be a more personal album than Rodeo was. “It’s kinda like a more personal album. I just want people to kind get to know me and like really get to know the rage inside and really what’s going on in my mental, like really what I be thinking,” he said about the album. 

While we wait for further information or his next single, check out the vertical video exclusively on Spotify right here