Travis Scott Drops $1.6 Mil On Luxury Maybach G650 Landaulet


There are rare luxury cars, and then there is whatever category Travis Scott‘s new ride goes into. The Astroworld rapper has much to celebrate as his career continues on a steady incline, he just dropped his own documentary on Netflix, he has his woman by his side and their beautiful daughter—things are well for the rapper. So, it isn’t surprising that he’s decided to treat himself to a new whip that is unlike any other.

TMZ was able to obtain photos of Scott’s new 2018 Maybach G650 Landaulet, a vehicle that is one of only 99 produced throughout the world. The rapper reportedly copped the G-Wagon through Los Angeles’s Specialty Car Collection after making the purchase from a private collector named Obi “Doctor Bugatti” Okeke. Scott spent a pretty penny on it as he dropped $1.6 million for the vehicle.

According to Car & Driver, the G-Wagon’s seats recline to a nearly flat position, there’s a full massage system, silver champagne flutes, fold-out tray tables, cup holders that can heat or cool your beverages...and that’s not even a quarter of it. Scott reportedly took his customization a step further and had the car custom wrapped brown.

Back in February, Tony Bet of Driving Emotion Toronto shared that Drake snagged one of these for himself. Check out both Drizzy and Scott’s rides below.