Toya Wright Wants People To Put Some Respect On Reginae Carter's Name


Celebrity children’s names can be a little difficult to keep up with at times. At a time when kids are named Apple and Jermajesty, Reginae is one the most ‘normal’ celebrity child names per se. However, that will not stop commenters on Instagram to try their hand at misspelling it as badly as they can. One Instagram user got creative and referred to Nae as “resume” on mother Toya Wright’s Instagram page, leading to clap back season being declared by the mother Lil Wayne’s daughter. 

The commenter was comparing Toya and Reginae’s looks as Nae looks more and more like her mother as she grows up. Writing, “You and resume got the same beautician,” may have been a simple autocorrect issue, but Toya took fense nevertheless, clapping back in the comments.  She replied directly to the user, writing, “Stop playing with my daughter’s name. It’s one thing to say that dumb sh-t under the blog comments but don’t try it under mine. It’s REGINAE’ now Put some Respect on it.” Regularly being called “Toyota” in comments sections, Toya urges anyone that tries her or her daughter to think twice about disrespecting them on their own priles.

Nae chimed in herself, getting cheeky in her response as she asked, “How y’all resume looking?” Hopefully, people are slightly more careful since now they’re aware that Toya is reading their comments and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Check out the posts below.