Touring With Ozuna, Missing His Son & More: 6 Highlights of Anuel AA 's Post-Prison Interview


This week Billboard got the first interview with the Latin trap singer Anuel AA, who detailed to our Executive Director, Latin Content & Programming, Leila Cobo, what his two years behind bars were like and his plans for the future.

Anuel spent 30 months in jail after ficers found three guns, a dozen clips, and 152 rounds ammunition in his vehicle in April 2016. In December the same year, he pled guilty to the charges and was transferred to a prison in Miami.

Below Billboard has compiled the 6 most important things about the post-jail interview with Anuel AA.

There are plans to go on tour with his best friend Ozuna.

Anuel AA admits that he was lost in life when arrested but, he learned how to spiritually reconnect with God.

He spent seven months without writing songs given that he could not assimilate what was happening to him. Even so, his career continued to grow given that his songs did not stop playing on digital platforms and radio.

Anuel admitted that the hardest thing was not seeing his son for a year.

Anuel AA spent 90 days in solitary confinement and the only thing he could do was to listen to radio and create music.

His fans gave the strength he needed to survive.