Tory Lanez Travels in Style For New 'Kendall Jenner Music' Watch


Name-dropping the Jenner and Kardashian sisters has become a fixture in hip-hop these days. Tory Lanez is the latest to dedicate an entire record to the 22-year-old supermodel with "Kendall Jenner Music," which was released on Sunday (Aug. 26). The Smash David-produced track is slated to appear on the Canadian singer's anticipated Love Me Now? album. 

The single's coinciding visual is helmed by MidJordan, with creative direction from Lanez as well. He kicks f the clip inside an airport hangar as he gears up to board his own lavish private jet. He's later surrounded by an opulent lineup  foreign cars and a team sexy stewardesses. 

The 26-year-old then gets serious and takes aim at those trying to mimic his music style before the brash track comes to a close. Lanez has previously fallen into numerous sound-biting controversies throughout his career. "Tell me which n—a I sound like this time/I turn four-figure to a six-figure J ain’t tell me this ain’t sound right this time/When there’s more n—-s tryna copy me they tryna sound bite this line," he croons.

Lanez reunited with Drake on stage for the first time after squashing their longstanding feud earlier this year. Drizzy brought out his fellow Canadian brother to perform "Shooters" at Madison Square Garden in the midst his Friday night (Aug. 24) set on the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour. 

Watch the "Kendall Jenner Music" video below.