Tory Lanez Hosts Quarantine Livestream with Justin Bieber, Bryson Tiller


While some artists turn to TikTok during quarantine, Tory Lanez is taking over the Instagram airwaves with “Tory Lanez Radio.”

Fresh off the release of his new song “W,” Tory went live on Tuesday with some special guests including Bryson Tiller, Timbaland, and Justin Bieber. The “Intentions” singer checked in while he was driving through Canada with his wife Hailey and just happened to be listening to Tory’s hit “Say It.”

“Bieber was the first person, before Sean [Kingston] who ever actually noticed me,” Tory told his viewers, while Bieber responded, “I noticed you when you were doing rap battles in Toronto.”

Tory revealed that the first tour he attended was Bieber’s “My World Tour” and asked his fellow Canadian how he’s been spending his time in isolation. Bieber said he’s been playing video games and watching movies, while Tory has been holed up in his Miami mansion. “I’m low-key kinda scared, but I’m tryna stay safe and just chill and have a good time,” said Tory.