Tory Lanez Defends The Decision That Earned Him "Donkey Of The Day"


“Donkey Of The Day” aficionados will recall when Charlamagne selected Tory for the dubious honor, over his decision to drop $35 thousand dollars at the same story that racially priled him. While Tha God found it difficult to understand the logic behind the decision, Tory took some time to clear the air (starts around the nine minute mark). “This is what happened,” says Tory. “I had a budget for wardrobe, for a video. Now I don’t know about every other artist, but with the good old friends I have at the Interscope building, and the great manage I have, we make sure we do everything with proper accounting. When I spend money, I get reimbursed…I wanted to make it the best I could make it.”

He continues, explaining what happened on the day the incident. As he tells it, he entered the store straight f the tour bus, circa the fortieth day on the road. “I came in with like three four guys, and we all sweat-pantsed upped,” says Tory. Apparently, his attire choice didn’t sit well with the employee on the floor. After being on the receiving end a judgmental stare, Tory decided to seek assistance from another employee on the floor. “We’re in Canada, Holt Renfrew is the place to go get designer things.” Seeing as he wanted some fly apparel, it didn’t seem like switching up the business was much a choice. When Charlamagne presses the issue, Tory Lanez breaks it down with a firm, yet eloquent retort.

For more from Tory Lanez, including plenty Memories Don’t Die talk, check out the interview below. Tory previously made reference to the “Donkey Of The Day” incident on “Hate To Say” and “Benevolent.”