Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018


We've been watching you, watch us all yr. The result's our yearly run-down of web site customers who make our job that rather more entertaining, and typically, just a little bit hectic too. Every day we go in on content material supply, whether or not it is pure hip-hop, leisure information or the most recent Kardashian gossip (sorry, not sorry), you guys gobble it up with equal elements glee and detest, so it appears. We see your feedback after we lastly get that "proper" piece of unique content material out, and we see your feedback if you're upset about "ANOTHER" Drake put up. We're trying ahead to seeing much more of them in 2019, and we're kicking it off proper, with our annual awards.

We know you guys have been fiending for these, so with out additional adieu. 

Rookies of the Year

With a brand new yr, comes new trolls. Every day, actually, we encounter a commenter we have not come throughout earlier than. Sometimes these are readers who make a brand new account to easily remark one time. In reality, reader Imani Rivera appeared to do exactly that. On December 22, 2018, we reported on Cardi B's clarification of a photograph that had been circulating the online, displaying her and Offset collectively on a jet-ski (the article was titled: Avril 

Every day, Avril presents up some motivational and empowering phrases for the feminine demographic. She's recognizable by her loopy cat-lady photograph. While her motifs and concepts typically get repeated ("Look however do not contact boys," seems to be a favourite, whereas her go-to emojis are the sturdy arm and the rainbow emoji-- she's additionally an advocate for LGBTQ), there is no denying she is devoted to her position, even others have observed.

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Alex Zidel (aka Z Blood)

Alex Zidel (aka Z Blood) is to not be confused with our employees author, Alex Zidel, though he could need it. If a troll will get out of hand, attacking one other particular person or maliciously antagonizes one in every of our writers, effectively, then it is fast Ok CYA. But, we have loved Z Blood's feedback (principally...) and scorching takes on any and each article, and even his avatar, which might be what he thinks our actual Alex seems to be like?? FYI, he would not, however we'll allow you to dwell.

Alex Zidel (of the Z Blood selection) additionally seems to have a beef with Triple OG

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

I fucked Marcy Son๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

I fucked Marcy Son is a troll with a mission. This person, who beforehand glided by the title Cereal Killer, switched tacts lately and it appears to be working. I fucked Marcy Son now obsesses over one other person, you guessed it-- Marcy Son. We're probably not positive why, or what sparked this, however we have loved studying the interactions between the 2 (though, they're fairly one-sided).

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018


Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Most Loyal Commenters 

These are amongst our most devoted customers. This is not your normal troll trope-- which has, as you may clearly see, been accomplished and re-hashed time and time once more on HNHH. No, not these guys. While we will not verify these are actual individuals with actual opinions (we didn't go go to them IRL), we prefer to suppose that they're. These are customers who've supplied their perception, opinions, and basic peanut-gallery-style commentary on our content material yr in, and yr out. These guys have seen the location evolve and alter over time, they've caught with us via thick and skinny. They've managed to maintain their person profile intact the entire time, too. 


Lageon's account has been lively since 2013, and you've got possible seen us shout out him in years' previous of the annual trolls/customers round-up. Well, he is again within the listing once more this yr, because of his constant commentary. 

Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks has been commenting with the identical profile since 2015, and we have heralded him up to now as effectively. He'll typically slide into the remark part to supply an opinion or just reply to the content material in question-- which is significant when there are trolls vying for feedback that don't have anything to do with the put up. 

Bender Bending Rodriguez

We've saluted Bender Bending Rodriguez up to now as a result of his username is the very best/we love Futurama, however this yr, we salute him for his loyalty, with six years sturdy of commenting on the location.

Playboy X 

Last, however actually not least, we're recognizing the commentary of Playboy X, a mainstay since no less than 2015. He's not an enormous instigator, he is typically not impolite or disrespectful, and he feedback lots.

Most Valuable Commenters

Continuing to maneuver away from these pesky trolls for the second, we're blissful now we have readers like these on the location. Again, we will solely vouch for them insofar as we learn their feedback, however typically, they appear to place actual thought behind what they're saying, or no less than, the ideas themselves appear real.


MaintainTheSameEnergy positively lives by his title, within the sense that he maintains optimistic and constant vitality on the location. His feedback typically transcend a easy phrase or sentence, as he typically tries to dig into tales a bit additional than the floor stage.

Ok129 -TW:@kp129music-Beatmaker

Ok129 additionally belongs in our Loyal Commenter class, as a reader who has been with us since 2013. Throughout that point, he is remained steadfastly not a troll. He's simply an observer and enjoyer of the tradition and acts accordingly within the feedback. We admire it.


Made_To_Post makes a return look from final yr, after one other yr of actual and respectful hip-hop discussions, dissections, and feedback on HNHH.

Only Real HipHop Can Last

This person's title tells us what you want to learn about him-- he is right here for the hip-hop, and that makes up the vast majority of his commentary. Whether it is debating OGs or newcomers alike, he typically will get into the combo within the remark part along with his opinions.

Troll Wars of the Year

This yr, we noticed a number of totally different trolls go head-to-head in our remark part. In order to have an efficient troll beef, you really want each events to be in it for the lengthy haul. These beefs particularly stood out this yr.

Future The Trashman - Ethered Young Thugs Teeth VS. ๐ŸYoung Thug's Teeth๐Ÿ

You've possible seen each their usernames as you scroll mindlessly via articles, at one level or one other. This beef has been lengthy brewing, and you understand it is actual when it is actually a part of a username. Still, anybody can get it from Tyrone from Myspace VS. Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ

These two goal one another day by day. It's true, Deathstroke can get on many a nerve-- his incessant and overblown love for all issues Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Multiple Accounts Alert

Yep, we're doing it. We're calling out the customers under for proudly owning a number of accounts underneath the identical or all-too-similar usernames. Do these numbers/customers shock you?

Future The Trashman - Ethered Young Thugs Teeth

Currently, there are seven totally different Future The Trashman - Ethered Young Thugs Teeth accounts up and working. 

๐ŸYoung Thug's Teeth๐Ÿ

Future The Trashman's favourite beefing companion is one other suspect of a number of accounts. There are a complete of three at present lively along with his moniker.

Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ 

Everyone's favourite, Deathstroke, has an abundance of accounts underneath his title, though many are variations of the Deathstroke deal with. There are at present seven lively accounts, whereas simply as many have been banned and disabled.

Most Annoying Stans

We need not say a lot right here. These are among the many most annoying customers on HNHH, going to bat for his or her artist of alternative anyplace and all over the place, even when it is unwarranted/irrelevant. Clearly, the Most Annoying Stan of the Year is Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ, however he is bought a number of opponents vying to be much more annoying than he's. See for your self under.

Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ - CHRIS BROWN

With Chris Brown's latest musical return, you may assure that Deathstroke is placing in work OVERTIME. Dude can write complete novels within the protection of CB in our remark part.

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

King Slime Mob Boss Drake ๐Ÿฆ‚๐Ÿฆ‰โฅvโฅ - DRAKE

It's HNHH, so clearly we have some devoted and enthusiastic Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Note: We did put up a two-page article on the portray.

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Pnd Durag goat aka Simulation Theory - PARTYNEXTDOOR

It's fairly the duty to stan for an artist who has not launched new music for mainly three years, however Pnd Durag will get the job accomplished, often extending his super-fandom to Drake and Young Thug. He's a returning Stan, like Deathstroke, from final yr's listing.

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Top 5 Most Liked Comments of the Year

Shout out these 5 customers for racking up probably the most Likes on their respective feedback in 2018. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the items of content material all need to do with beef or loss of life. Presented from least, to most.

5. Playboy X 

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

four. ISIS 

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

three. elf Dot. 

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

2. Jeezy 

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

1. Alex Gayle 

Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

Top 10 Users with the Most Comments of the Year

From least to most, these are the customers who went to work with their keyboard this yr. We see a few repeat offenders from final yr's listing, together with Slimjesus and Playboy X. Some of those customers not have an lively account-- however that is what occurs if you remark incessantly, and typically outrageously-- you will get your self reported, and ultimately, banned.

10. International Bully Bout Dat Travel - 2,479

9. Hip-Hop L Delivery Guy - 2,827 (though his unique account is disabled, he is bought this one up and working)

eight. laugeel - 2,831

7. YeTheGoatt - 2,868 

6. Playboy X - three,727

5. Slimjesusthatnigga - four,153

four. Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ - 5,851 (whereas his OG account seems banned, concern not, he made a brand new one)

three. Marcy Son - 6,068

2. Blessed Eskimo | ๐Ÿ† | Free Shotti - 6,940

1. Triple OG (SKINS aoty CONTENDER) - 7,215 (one other occasion of an account being disabled, but he nonetheless persists to today with a freshly-made account, in a single kind or one other)

Most Reported Comments of the Year

Is it a coincidence that three  out of 5 of those customers appear to be Chris Brown stans, referencing him both of their username instantly or of their avatar? Hot take: It's all Deathstroke.

5. Aaron Amoako Andy 

four. Beautiful Face Stroke Polar Bear

three. KING CB 

2. Prometheus | INDIGO 2019 ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ 

1. Bizarre N “Creepy” Rugged 

Where Are They Now?: Troll Edition

Herm Edwards 

Good ol', devoted Herm Edwards. Or so we thought. His prime was circa 2013 and 2014, making our yearly characteristic each occasions. He wasn't probably the most outrageous character, however he was a dependable and constant commenter. 

Shang Tsung 

This is one in every of a number of Shang Tsung accounts. An OG.

Steph Curry with the Shot 

Although Steph Curry with the Shot all however disappeared from our c-section, he used to go in-- and he is bought 10 accounts with the identical title, to show it.


Blender used to fire up bother the place he went, purposefully and tactfully. He had 5 accounts with the Blender moniker to make sure the job was accomplished. His staff of trolls ultimately grew to incorporate Blender's Mom, Blender's Sister, Blender's UncleBlender's Blender Bottle-- and one unlucky day, Blender's Killertoo.


LORD PILLS is one other notorious troll who typically left a catastrophe of feedback in his wake. He too ended up with a sizeable household of trolls to assist in his bidding, together with,Lord Pills' DadLord Pills Angry Momma and Lord Pills Mother (he had two mothers, apparently).