Top Dawg Entertainment’s Punch Is Over False Narratives & Fake Stats By Artists


We live in an interesting era of music. Artists are gaining worldwide fame and recognition without the backing of record labels while they share their music with millions of fans without radio play. Records are being made and broken left and right, and it seems that every artist has become the first person to change the game in one way or another. Then, as soon as one person takes the title, there’s another that creeps in and steals it within weeks.

Top Dawg Entertainment president Terrence “Punch” Henderson is over it. The record executive took to his Twitter account to share his amusement with people who try to formulate fictitious achievements in order to make themselves seem more accomplished than they are. “Never been a fan of creating a false narrative to push sales or buzz,” Punch tweeted. “They get creative though I’ll tell you that 🤣🤣. N*ggas will make up a whole stat that’s impossible to verify. ‘My album the first one to sale 314 copies at 3:14am on a Tuesday by an artist with a headache!'”

Whether you agree with him or not, that “false narrative” buzz may just be working for some artists out there. Who do you think fits what Punch is talking about?