Top 5 Episodes Of Netflix's "Black Mirror"


Twisting the comforting television fallback narrative storytelling until it is a mess misdirections and mind-bending plot twists, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Netflix anthology exists as both a full-on embrace and cautionary label for fast-paced modern life. Distorting everyday technology like Instagram flex sessions, Facebook TimeHop and the current worrying obsession with cataloguing every single bit minutiae, each self-contained episode will leave you staring at the screen, mouth agape long after the episode fades to black. Pairing the pitfalls a hyper-connected world with the human capacity for malice and evil, Black Mirror paints a picture a black, dystopian future where modern life is equal parts more convenient and horrifying. 

Taking normal, milquetoast characters and pushing them to act out in extreme hypothetical situations, Black Mirror exists as the intersection your brightest dream (what if jetpacks actually existed?) and your darkest nightmare (what if the dead could be technologically reanimated?). Speaking to Vogue, creator Charlie Brooker dished on the actual role that technology plays in his bleak alternate realities. “The technology is never the culprit in our stories,” he admitted. “The technology is just allowing people to do terrible things to themselves or others. What the show points out is the possibility an unforeseen consequence technology. That doesn’t mean we should get rid social media anymore than we should get rid the printing press because somebody used it to print a racist pamphlet. Let’s not blame the invention; let’s look at how we’re using it.”

So take a breath from fishing for likes on the Explore page or standing on your Facebook political soap box, and check out the top five Black Mirror episodes the series.