Toosii Suspects Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Started Global Pandemic


More than a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, states have began reopening across the United States. Toosii, for one, has a theory as to what started the pandemic and believes the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze in 2019 is in part to blame.

The 21-year-old joined Fox Soul’s The Mix for a game of “Fuck Marry Kill” and decided that the world needed to kill Popeyes to move forward from the pandemic.

“First off, kill Popeyes off rip. Why after the Popeyes chicken sandwich came out, the pandemic was a thing,” Toosii said with a smirk. “Tell me, did the world not go in a hole once Popeyes came out with that chicken sandwich?”


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“Toosii is a genius,” Romeo chimed in. “I didn’t think of that conspiracy.”

The “Fuck Marry Kill” game was fitting with Toosii unleashing his “F**k Marry Kill” visual on June 20, which finds him throwing a mansion pool party.

In 2019, Toosii actually fired off a tweet looking for someone to bring him a chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

“Can somebody bring me a popeyes chicken sandwich,” the Syracuse native tweeted.

On the music front, the HipHopDX 2021 Rising Star returned in May to deliver his Thank You For Believing album via South Coast Music Group.

Watch the entire episode of Toosii on The Mix below.