Toosii Calls Out Artist Who Are “Dragging It” Following AstroWorld Fest


Each day more and more details regarding the aftermath of Travis Scott’s AstroWorld fest are getting released into the media. With the more details of the concert, comes more backlash for the Houston native, to the point where Scott is losing out on some of his major endorsements.

While some are anti-Travis Scott at the moment, there have been a few that openly support Scott during this time, despite beliefs that the rapper was irresponsible. Since the concert, both fans and celebrities have been making an effort to be more conscious of the crowd at future concerts to prevent similar events.

Both SZA and Teyana Taylor recently stopped their shows to check on the crowd and ensure that their audience was comfortable and okay. New York artist Toosii seems to believe that some artists are “dragging it” and capitalizing off of the situation after posting his thoughts to social media.

“Why all these artists dragging it now that sh*t just happened with travis?” he wrote. “Now everybody just wanna check on they fans? y’all ain’t been giving a f*ck about the fans some of y’all don’t even take pictures with them.”

The post has since been deleted but do you agree with the “Love Cycle” rapper?