Too Short Claims Texts From Rape Accuser Proves She's Lying


Too Short has revealed explicit text messages from the woman who accused him rape, messages he says proves that she sexually pursued him and that there was no rape.

According to TMZ, Too Short's attorneys filed documents on Wednesday which they say prove the rapper's relationship with the woman, Teana Louis, was completely consensual. Louis is suing Short for sexual battery.

In the documents obtained by TMZ, the texts  include Louis telling Short she loves him and calling herself his wife. She also makes mention his "big penis," and wrote, "Baby I wish you were here right now, just talking to u on the phone makes me wet."

Short's lawyers say that Louis has no evidence to back up her sexual assault claim, and that she filed the suit only to harass the rapper. Short's lawyers said that if she pursues the case,  they'll go after her legally for filing a frivolous suit.

Short has threatened to countersue previously, calling Louis' claims "outright extortion" back in January.

"This is blatant outright extortion; it's not a criminal case," he told TMZ at the time. "It can only be extortion. They want money. My only choice is to countersue for slander and to get a restraining order."

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