Tony Rock Isn't Shocked By Tristan Thompson: "Everybody Cheats On The Kardashians"


Chris Rock’s brother Tony is by no means surprised by the biggest gossip headline right now: Tristan Thompson getting caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian just days before she’s about to birth their child. Of course, many you may not be surprised either, considering he cheated on his ex with Khloe – or so the sources say. 

TMZ recently caught up with Chris’ younger brother and he told the cameras that “everybody cheats on the Kardashians,” adding: “You just smash a couple times and you get out!” He then seriously asks who has really “been loyal” to a Kardashian – yikes. Speaking Khloe’s series Revenge Body, Tony is curious how that’s even a thing since she “didn’t put” her body “together the natural way.”

“So you got revenge by buying a body? A revenge body is you worked out and got it, but how are you the host to put a body together?”

Since the non-stop headlines Tristan and some other gyal, it’s now reported that the unidentified woman has a name: Lani Blair. She’s said to be 28-years-old and her public prile has since gone private. Even more, Lani apparently posted and deleted a sex tape her and Tristan – Khloe has yet to respond.