Toni Braxton Reportedly Cuts Tamar & Traci From Upcoming Sister Tour


Toni Braxton recently dropped f her album Sex and Cigarettes and now she’s ready to hit the road after a few changes to her lineup. The 50-year-old was supposed to have her two sisters join her on tour for an opening act but things have changed. After having ditched her sister Traci last month after a tiff with Tamar’s estranged husband, Vince Herbert, now Tamar has gotten the axe.

There’s no reason as to why Tamar has gotten the boot, but TMZ does report that it may have something to do with the fact that Vince is still Tamar’s manager and promoters aren’t trying to deal with divorce drama on the road.

Since Toni’s two sisters were set to be her opening act, and the tour starting in nearly 30 days, Toni’s gotta move fast on a replacement. 

Speaking Toni, it looks as if there are no plans for a wedding between her and Birdman soon as the tour takes up a decent amount time. “We not married … as yet,” Birdman recently told Wendy Williams. “That’s my love, my soldier, my life. She my everything … She my life. I love her to death.” 

We’re ready to get the wedding details whenever they’re ready to share it.