Tomorrow X Together Release English Version Of ‘Cat & Dog’: Watch


K-pop rookie group TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT, have released the English version of their song “Cat & Dog.”

Released in March as a B-side on their debut EP The Dream Chapter: Star, fan-favorite “Cat & Dog” got its own music video last month featuring the original Korean of the song, but now the teenage quintet has dropped a reworked, English-language variant with a slightly altered version of the music video.

Like the original, the English “Cat & Dog” features a sprightly beat, gruff Autotune influencing the sweet tone of the track, and expressive mumble rap. The new version has several tongue-in-cheek puns, like “It's no coincidence/ It's a kitty-incidence,” and a reference to the rainbow bridge, which some may be familiar with thanks to Marvel’s Thor film series but also is a popular idea relating to the otherworldly plain pets go to upon death, where they will eventually be united with their former owners and take a bridge to move onto heaven.

The release of “Cat & Dog” precedes TXT’s upcoming showcase tour in the U.S., which begins on May 9 in New York City and will bring the five members of the group to five other Stateside cities in coming weeks. They’ll also be hitting up iHeart Radio’s Wango Tango on June 1.

TXT is managed by Big Hit Entertainment, and is the company's first new act since the launch of BTS in 2013.