Tommy Lee Tells Trump to ‘Eat a D–k’ Over Ban on Bahamas Hurricane Refugees


Former Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee aimed some very pointed remarks at the man he calls the "presidon't" on Tuesday after the Trump administration refused to allowed a group of residents from the Bahamas to enter the U.S. on humanitarian grounds in the wake of the utter devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

"How many more idiotic things can this fuckhead do and say!?!?!," tweeted Lee, who noted that he's been to the Bahamas "a ton of times" and has "NEVER run into anything but kind beautiful people!!!" The category 5 hurricane left tens of thousands homeless and at least 50 dead (with thousands still missing), prompting more than 100 displaced Bahamians to board a rescue ferry over the weekend headed to Florida, only to be told to disembark because they didn't have U.S. visas; Bahamians have not been required to possess visas to visit the U.S. in the past.

On Monday, Trump was asked about the nation turning its back on those in need. "We have to be very careful. Everyone needs totally proper documentation. I don't want to allow people that weren't supposed to be in the Bahamas to come to the United States," the president told reporters, adding without any context or proof that some of the refugees might be, "very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very, very bad drug dealers." According to the CBP website, Bahamians only need a valid passport from their country and a clean criminal record to enter the U.S. by air or sea, not a visa.

After Trump launched a Twitter war earlier in the week by referring to EGOT winner John Legend and his Lip Sync Battle co-host wife Chrissy Teigen as, respectively, "boring" and "filthy mouthed," Lee ended his tweet with his own spiky rejoinder to the commander in tweet. "Eat a Dick Mr. Presidon't!!!" he wrote.