Tommie Lee Talks Quitting "LHHATL" & VH1 Ghosting After Her Friend Was Murdered


No matter who comes and goes on any of the Love & Hip Hop shows, Mona Scott-Young’s hit series rolls on with new faces at every turn. Tommie Lee became a central figure on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and while she was ] beloved by many, she was also a polarizing figure. The model and entrepreneur’s battles with alcohol and anger issues unraveled on the show, causing her at one point to be removed from the season. 

Tommie would later be arrested on charges of child abuse, but after spending months in jail, she took a plea deal and walked out of prison—always denying any wrongdoing. She shared that she would never hurt her daughter, and many believed that with the case behind her, she would return to the reality television show to share her story. Yet, in August, Tommie announced that she was done with Love & Hip Hop, calling it “misery and depression.”

She recently visited the ladies of The Real to detail why she decided to call lit quits on VH1’s show, and it seemed to have a lot to do with her best friend and lover, Chiko Juan. Last December we reported on Juan’s death after he was murdered in a triple homicide. What wasn’t reported was that Juan was gearing up for an appearance on Love & Hip Hop alongside Tommie, but following his death, VH1 allegedly went silent.

“What I was going through in my real life and like, real-life turns…basically, with my daughter, I would not want to film that,” Tommie said of her decision. “And basically how a lot of things was handled. I lost someone that they were interviewing and basically he was killed. I didn’t know that you were supposed to get flowers or stuff like that when somebody passed because it’s not my son. It’s not my father, you know what I’m saying? But Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing, they sent me flowers when I came home. And the people that knew him and who were interviewing him and wanted him to be lined up to be there, they didn’t do that stuff. It kinda made me look at things kinda different.”

Tommie also stated that she regretted having her mother on the show because their tumultuous relationship unfolded for millions. Whereas Tommie said she has thick skin, she added that her mother was extremely bothered by the negative comments from the public and fell into a depression. Check out the clip below.