Tom Swoon Quits DJing, Citing Fatal DUI: 'Taking Someone's Life Is the Most Terrible Thing'


Polish DJ and producer Tom Swoon has quit the pressional scene. The Spinnin Records signee was arrested on drunk driving charges and pleaded guilty after a deadly accident that killed one victim. He posted a message to Facebook explaining the move and said it was something he'd considered every day these past six months.

“I want to apologize from the bottom my heart,” Swoon writes, “first and foremost to the family that has lost their loved one. I cannot imagine the pain that I have unwillingly inflicted to them that feral night and which is probably still with them now. I am also sorry that I've let all you down. I still can't understand how all this could have happened. Although I have already made peace with a fact, that there is a very harsh] verdict ahead me.

“Living with a thought that you took part in taking someone else's life away is the most terrible thing that has ever happened to me,” he continues. “There is no day when I wouldn't think about it. No words to describe how much I regret all what happened.”

Swoon charted with his single “Wait,” a collaboration with Paris & Simon, in 2014. His scheduled December release was canceled by Spinnin in the days following his arrest. Read Swoon's full message to fans below.