"Tom & Jerry" Converse Chuck Taylor Coming Soon: Detailed Photos


Converse is one of the most iconic sneaker companies of all-time and with the Chuck Taylor, they have cemented themselves in sneaker culture. There have been some pretty great collaborations coming out of Converse lately and one of those collabs involves the classic Cartoon show, Tom & Jerry. The show follows the misadventures of the cat & mouse duo that are constantly getting into trouble. Now, Converse is implementing the duality of the characters onto the canvas upper of the hightop Chuck Taylor.

Thanks to some detailed photos courtesy of @hanzuying, we now know what the shoe will look like ahead of its release. The left shoe is dedicated to Jerry, as the mouse is featured on the outside, all while “Jerry” is written in graffiti-style writing on the medial side. As for the right shoe, Tom the cat is found on the outside, while “Tom” is written in that same style on the inside. 

Blue and red dots are sprinkled throughout the midsole of each shoe, which features a beige-colored canvas upper.

As of right now, there is no release date for the shoe so stay tuned for any updates as soon as they become availble.