Tokimonsta’s Label Drops Stellar 16-Track ‘Young At Art II’ Compilation: Listen


Tokimosta has officially broken through the underground into the hearts of loyal music enthusiasts. Her Grammy-nominated album Lune Rouge has empowered her stardom, and now, she hopes to empower the stardom of others. She gathered tunes from some of her favorite creatives for her second label compilation, Young At Art II, and it could be one of the best things you listen to all day.

Much like the interconnected, pastel circles that grace its cover, the 16-track compilation fosters a hopeful togetherness using a soft but stirring palette of sounds. Soft-touch beats grow into futuristic head knockers, the bite increasing as the beats flow. It begins with the visceral sounds of Manu Dia's "Bladerunnin'." Change settles on countertops and flutes play breathy over resounding bass booms, and that's only scratching this playful song's sonic surface. It continues with a striking sing-along from MNDR, and a bouyant instrumental from Blackbird Blackbird. 

Previously-released singles "High Hopes" from Rosehardt and "Strange Froot" from Tokimonsta and Ambré are just as dreamy delicious as they were at first listen, playing their part wonderfully in the overall journey. There are glowing moments of inner reflection on Ryan Playground's "Luminaire," evil rap confidence on "She Don't Smoke" from Two Fresh and LaDonnis, while Tokimonsta's second single from the release, "Dream Chorus," is a modern necker's surf-rock dream. 

“The music industry has been referred to as an over-saturated space, but this compilation series is my way of breaking through the noise," Tokimonsta tells Billboard Dance. "I simply want to share new artists with people willing to trust in me. Though I am known as a musician and performer, I am a music lover first. The shared music and discovered music created the artist I am today. Now, I get to share other talented up and coming artists with an audience willing to give them a moment of their time. In the end, creating and influencing a new generation of music creators and lovers."

The release rounds out with tunes from L-Vis 1990 and Brooke Bailli, Soul Clap and Gavin Turek, Manila Killa, Robotaki and more. Each of the songs have been paired with a vibrant visualizer on YouTube.

Listen to Young Art Sound II below.