Todrick Hall Gushes Over His Birthday Gifts From Taylor Swift: ‘I Legit Could Not Breathe’


Todrick Hall has a long-documented relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift. What started as a semi-typical fan-artist relationship when Hall released his “4 Taylor” medley on YouTube quickly evolved into a real friendship, with Hall appearing in Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video, and the stars regularly hanging out with one another.

On Hall’s birthday Thursday (April 4), the star posted photos of himself with Swift on Instagram, saying that while the “Delicate” singer couldn’t make it to his birthday party, she surprised him with a series of great gifts.

First, Swift gave Hall what he calls “my favorite thing in the world,” which is homemade cinnamon sticks. In the photo, the icing on the food reads “Todrick loves cinna stix,” “I love Todrick,” and “Love, Taylor” respectively. “Now if I could just find a man to make me homemade cinna-stix I’d be all set,” Hall wrote.

Swift then surprised Hall with “the BEATEST [sic] MOST SICKENING GAGGETROCIOUS suit jacket I have ever seen!” Hall revealed that he had his eye on a specific suit jacket from designer Alexander McQueen, and Swift made sure he got one for his birthday. “I legit COULD NOT BREATHE when I saw the gift,” he wrote. “I will be wearing this to every event I go to for the next year thanx to my BFF/Fairy Godmother.”

Check out Todrick’s sweet Instagram post below: