Tobias Harris Claims Ben Simmons Can Hit 3-Pointers Now


Ben Simmons is a point guard who has never made a three-pointer in his NBA career. Okay, now that you’ve allowed that statistic to sink in, it’s important to note that Simmons is an incredible talent regardless. In just two seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers, Simmons has proven himself as a worthy force in the league and continues to impress opponents while out on the court. There have been times where we’ve seen Simmons make a few threes in practice, but he’s been shy to try it in a game.

Heading into next season, there’s a good chance we might see some improvement from Simmons as according to Tobias Harris, he’s been working on his jumper. Harris told Sixers reporter Kyle Neubeck that the two had been playing each other in 1-on-1 games where Harris was “daring” Simmons to sink some three-point shots. Simmons actually made two shots in a row and that’s when Harris had to adjust.

If Simmons can translate this newfound three-point shooting success into an NBA game, the 76ers could easily become the most deadly team in the Eastern Conference. Simmons is already a driving force on the court and a solid jump shot would finally get him over the hump.

Sixers fans should be very excited at this prospect.