Tobi Releases Soulful ‘Still: Live In Toronto’ Visual Album


After dropping his debut album Still in May, Toronto rapper Tobi is now following it up with his first live visual album.

Released on Friday (Aug. 2), Still: Live In Toronto shows Tobi performing in front of a sold-out crowd at the historic The Velvet Underground venue in his native city. The concert was held on the same day as Still's release, which made for an emotional journey for both Tobi and the audience. He sung and rapped fan favorites like "City Blues," "Feel" and "Sweet Poison" that finds the artist tapping into his vulnerable side.

“There was a lot of love in the building. This was a special night for Toronto, as the show brought people of all corners of the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] together," Tobi tells Billboard. "The crowd was comprised of people who knew me from my battle rapping days 10 years ago and people who just became fans of my music."

"For the last three years, my parents saw me running up and down — but had no idea what I was doing all this time," he adds. "It was important for them to see the result of my hard work all these years. I kept glancing over the side to see the pride in their eyes while I was performing. The highlight for me was singing a crowd favorite 'Libra' and meshing it with Khalid, Marvin Gaye and Kanye West in a medley. I want to carry this energy with me to every city and town that I go to."

Dig into the new album, which is available exclusively on Apple Music, below.