TLC’s Chilli & T-Boz Passed Up On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Four Times


The legendary group TLC recently had its members turn down every opportunity to be on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. To note, the show already has an R&B legend as part of its long-time cast, precisely Kandi Burruss of the successful 90s group XSCAPE. Despite this, the reality television franchise is reported to have reached out numerous times, only to be turned down by the “No Scrubs” divas repeatedly.

In reference to their rejection, T-Boz claims to have declined a total of four times. She shares: “This is the thing, I don’t play like that. Like, I’m not arguing, I’m too old to be arguing and first of all, I don’t argue with nobody I don’t care about. If I care about you, I will take the time to do this. But I’m not arguing with no grown women. I’ll end up going to jail for real. Like, I don’t do that.” 

Moreover, group member Chilli also ensured to chime in on the ordeal, joking in relation to the comments made by T-Boz: “And I wouldn’t be able to bail her out because I would be right there with her.” Hence, evidently, TLC is not here for the reality TV drama. Instead, according to Page Six, the duo is currently busy working on a Broadway show