TJ, The ‘Joe Byron’ TikTok Star, Is No Longer Homeless


For the past few weeks, you haven’t been able to go down any social media page without hearing “‘Sup baby, take me out to dinner.” Many would be happy to know that the man behind the popular saying, TJ, or the “Joe Byron guy” is no longer homeless, thanks to the support of TikTokers and GoFundMe.

“TJ is a homeless man trying to get his life together and off the streets,” his GoFundMe read, originally setting a goal of $5,000. “This will help him get inside and warm place to sleep at night and food to eat. He is sober he just needs a little push.” 

In a video update, the TikTok star is shown in front of a building holding keys, saying that he is no longer homeless thanks to those that supported him. “Because of you guys out there, my fellow fans and everything – God bless your heart – because TJ, aka Byron, is not on the street anymore! Thank you,” he said.

Even back when the GoFundMe was only at $10,000, TJ showed his supporters his appreciation. “Hey, my people. Thank you so much. I love you guys. But remember, you do make a difference,” he said.

“I never thought a dumb idiot like me would be this popular. But, you know what, I’m not the popular one. You guys are. And thank you for the new pad I’m gonna get because of all your givings. All the givings you gave me overnight. I made over $10 million…$10,000, sorry. I got a little excited, I jumped the gun,” he added.