Tiny Talks Motherhood & Balancing A Career For "Rolling Out" Magazine


T.I. and Tiny both have seven children and the youngest the bunch is two-year-old Heiress who without a doubt is a major mommy’s girl to the fullest. In light Mother’s day coming up, Tiny teamed up for a special feature in Rolling Out to talk all about her little Heiress and being a mother while balancing her career. “It’s only difficult if you make it difficult,” she says mothering and working. “Me and my other half don’t always agree on travel arrangements, but it’s really what you make it. Whatever I’m doing, I always wanna bring my kids, which can be challenging. But it’s a challenge that we always get through!”

As for Heiress, she has business endeavours her own. Tiny tells the publication that her little one has her own line nail polish and organic body products. The idea came into play while Tiny was pregnant and made it real once her baby was born. As for all her ambitious children, Tiny explains how she helped them maintain their important quality. 

“I encourage them to start now! They don’t have to wait until their older years,” she says. “If you feel it, then you pursue and put the time into it. I tell them stories how my mom had me in activities growing up, and how that helped me perfect my craft. I hope they see that and learn from it when they are pursuing their own goals.”