Tiny Deaths Debut Determined 'Don't Let Go' Premiere


Indie-pop duo Tiny Deaths are premiering their latest single "Don't Let Go" along with the music video, exclusively Billboard below.

Vocalist Claire de Lune makes glistening pop magic against Grant Cutler's electro-beats for the new song, following up previous releases "Us" and "Always" in anticipation the group's EP Magic, out Sept. 21 Handwritten Records. 

The upcoming LP is set to depart from relationship-inspired themes, described instead by Claire de Lune as a "youth anthem for the apocalypse," based on time and space. 

"'Don’t Let Go' is a song about the music industry and our collective obsession with watching successful people crash and burn," the band tells Billboard. "The video explores what happens when we internalize the voice that naysayer, and the strength it takes to overcome the doubtful voices both without and within you." 

The video follows a resilient musician pushing through lonely moments self-doubt to follow her dreams onstage. 

Get a first look at "Don't Let Go" below.