Tiny Clears Up Cryptic Cheating Message About T.I.: "He Needs Reminding"


Tiny hit the nail right on the head when she issued a statement about her relationship to Page Six. “Y’all cannot think, every time I post something, that means we’re in a bad place,” she said. Just like everybody else, celebrity couples have their ups and downs. Posting about every little struggle doesn’t help anybody in the long run but just because Tiny is writing about love on her social pages, it doesn’t mean that she and T.I. are in a bad place. People assumed the worst yesterday when the entertainer uploaded a cryptic message to her accountT.I. made sure everybody stopped talking by sharing a couple of boo’d up shots and now, Tiny is back to making unclear statements about her husband.

Tiny and Tip might not be fighting right now but there is still a chance that there’s trouble in paradise. The Xscape singer told Page Six that the reasoning behind her cryptic cheating message was to give her man a little kick in the behind. “I posted it meaning . . . he needs reminding,” said Tiny. She added that the post was “not about my relationship at [this] time. I mean, we good . . . this week.”

They’re good… this week? If you’re trying to get people to not worry about the status of your marriage, that’s probably not the wisest thing to say. Tiny is incredibly open but we can’t help but wonder what she means by this statement. Tip has been caught on a few occasions mingling with other ladies but it hasn’t happened in months. Is there something going on that we don’t know about?

Tiny Clears Up Cryptic Cheating Message About T.I.: "He Needs Reminding"
Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images