Tink Shares Artwork & Release Date For “Pain & Pleasure” EP


Last month, Tink revealed that she had cut ties with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group, and is starting over from scratch as an independent artist. The Chicago rapper said that a disconnect from the label supporting her & constant delays was the reason for her departure.

“There was stuff within the business side that messed up a lot things,” Tink said. “Like, you can love a person to death, but if the business isn’t right, there’s always going to be friction. I just felt like nobody was paying attention to what I had going on outside me and Tim. For me, that was the red flag. I stepped into the deal just hoping that I would be accepted for whatever I created. It wasn’t that type situation.”

Having been relatively quiet on the music front recently, outside her song “Breakin’ Me” from January, Tink is about to change all that soon as she just announced a new EP called Pain & Pleasure that’s dropping next Friday, March 30th.

“PAIN & PLEASURE” EP 3.30.18 ✨✨✨ I need all my supporters to mark the date! This is for US. ? Drop a ❤️ if you’re ready for brand new music…. it’s that time,” she captioned her posts on social media. She didn’t give us any idea what to expect on the EP as we’ve yet to hear anything new, but hopefully she blesses us soon.

In addition to the announcement, Tink also shared the project’s artwork as well, which finds the female rapper depicting the title with her hands on her head, and a bold, colorful background.

Check out the announcement (below) and let us know your excitement level about hearing new Tink.