Tinder Empowers The Showerless By Launching The "Festival Mode" Feature


As if the Coachella herpes scare wasn’t enough to alter their quarterly agenda, but yes, Tinder is coming out with a feature they’ve labeled “Festival Mode.” The new functions speak for themselves. If you’ve come a long way from your regular “location” and want to facilitate some whoopie on festival grounds, then you’re in luck.

“Time to turn up. Tinder is going on tour this festival season, and the only way to find your crowd is by getting in #FestivalMode. Click the link in our bio,” reads the Instagram post Tinder dropped upon arrival. “Claim your badge to let others know which festival you’re attending and match up with someone who won’t mind that you haven’t showered in two days.”

“Festival Mode” is fairly similar in its functionality to the “Spring Break” Tinder unveiled last year. Once you sign into “Festival Mode” you’ll be asked to enter the name of the event you’ll be attending. Within seconds, you’ll be entered into the platforms’ database as such. Once the tourney is about to pop off, you’ll be given early access to a pool of candidates planning the very same getaway.

Easy like 1-2-3, S-T-D! In anticipation of the numerous questions users might have at the onset of “Festival Mode’s” launch, Tinder has issued the following “how to” guide in the hopes of clearing up any misconceptions going into day one.