Tina Knowles Claps Back At Critics of Beyonce Wearing Tiffany Diamond


Beyonce is a savage and she got that sh*t from Tina. Mama Tina clapped back at all the critics of her daughter wearing the Tiffany Diamond in Tiffany and Co.’s About Love campaign.

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Beyonce and JAY-Z appeared in the jewelry company’s latest campaign and the singer is seen wearing the Tiffany Diamond, making her the fourth person in history and first Black woman to ever do so.

The campaign received some backlash as some critics accused the singer of wearing a blood diamond.


“Tiffany’s put Beyoncé in a diamond —“discovered” in a colonial mine in Kimberly in 1877—that no black woman has ever worn before in an ad with a never-ever-before-seen Basquiat and then pledged $2 million in scholarships & internships to HBCUs,” one user wrote in a now-viral tweet.

Tina Lawson caught wind of the criticism and swiftly came to her daughter’s defense. “How many of you socially conscious activist own diamonds ? I thought so ! Well guess what did you go to try to check to see where the diamond came from? Probably not,” she said.

She continued: “So when you guys get engaged you won’t have a diamond you gonna put on a sterling silver band And you better check out where it came from and the origin of where came from and why you add it check out the calls for the Leather that you weird because they made it came from another country to to ban and not buy diamonds right because your righteous !!”

drops mic

What are your thoughts on Tina Knowles’ defense about Beyonce rocking the Tiffany Diamond?