Tina Fey Talks Jimmy Fallon's Unreleased 'Mean Girls' Punk Song, How Alicia Keys Saved Her: Watch


With a dozen Tony Award nominations tacked onto her Broadway debut, Mean GirlsTina Fey should be feeling pretty good right about now.

Fey visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday (May 17), during which host Jimmy Fallon revealed how he almost landed a songwriting gig for the hit 2004 movie on which the musical was based.

Fallon recalled Fey asking him to contribute an angsty theme to introduce rebel characters Janis and Damian. “You listened to it maybe twice and said 'no, I don't need this,'” Fallon explained, refreshing Fey's memory. The host — who was admittedly thankful the DIY punk tune never made the cut — clarified some the lyrics, the darkest line being, “I'd hang myself if I had a noose/You wouldn't care, so what's the use?”

“If we could get Nicki Minaj to rap that, that would be cool,” Fey joked.

The 30 Rock star also detailed her experience recently attending Variety's Power Women luncheon, where singer Alicia Keys was also present. “She's so smart and so soothing, her voice makes Beyoncé sound like Billy Eichner,” Fey said. 

Fey's exciting luncheon experience was followed by a startling moment the next day when she realized she had misplaced the borrowed diamond rings she wore. “We got very CSI,” Fey explained. “So we call the place, and we're like, 'did anyone find any rings?' And they're like 'oh yes, those were yours — yes, Alicia Keys found them in the bathroom and returned them to us.'”

Fey continued in her exaggeratedly calm Keys impression: “She's like, 'I don't need this. It's not mine. Use this to do something good.'” 

Watch Fey's interview below.