Tim McGraw Reveals How His Family Gave Him a Lifestyle Wake-Up Call


Tim McGraw stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday evening (Nov. 4), where he discussed his new lifestyle book Grit & Grace. After joking that it’s the sequel to Grits & Gravy, the country star shared the inspiration behind getting into shape.

During a 10-minute interview with Colbert, the 52-year-old said his family helped kick him into high gear when deciding to live a more healthy lifestyle.

“Have you seen my wife? I want to hang onto her,” McGraw said, before getting serious. “I spent a lot of time living the wrong lifestyle on the road and not taking care of myself like I should. I had a great life: I was doing movies, I was selling records, tickets were great, and I wasn’t taking care of myself and I wasn’t living up to the expectations of my family and the people that worked for me.”

McGraw says “a couple moments” helped him segue to a more healthy lifestyle including his wife, Faith Hill, telling him he needed to get his stuff together as well as his kids.

“I took my kids to a holiday movie. I had just done a movie and hadn’t expected my face on a 100-foot screen,” he said recalling a trailer of his past film being shown. “My daughter Gracie looked over at me and was like, ‘Geeze, Dad you gotta do something.’ She probably was 11-years-old [at the time]. It said a lot more to me. It said that she had been paying attention to my lifestyle and I had to change the way I was conducting myself.”

McGraw’s chat with Colbert is below.