Tiffany Young Talks New Girls' Generation Music: 'The Time Will Come'


Tiffany Young caught up with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs to provide an update as to when fans might be able to expect new music from Girls’ Generation.

Asked when she sees Girls’ Generation having a comeback performance or releasing new music again, Young says, “I told the girls, I said, ‘Hey I’m a free agent. I am enjoying this. Let me know when you want me. I can be there.’”

“Business is business, but my bandmates are my bandmates,” she continues. “My girls are my girls. We are each other’s, so in time — I do believe that. That’s what we said to each other. I believe the time will come and they were very much supportive since my solo career] and they were just like, ‘This is exciting 'cause this is so different and this is so you.'”

Young adds that they are all curious about each other’s solo projects, adding, “It’s nice to see each bandmate really pushing outside what we’re comfortable with.”

You can watch the full video above.