Tiffany Young Says 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Reminds Her of Girls' Generation: Watch


K-pop singer Tiffany Young caught up with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs to play “First, Best, Last, Worst,” revealing the moment she felt the most starstruck, the television show she is currently obsessed with and more.

Asked what her first big purchase was, Young reveals that it was a car, adding with a laugh that it wasn’t even that expensive. “But it was my first car,” she says. “I had a pink Chevrolet Spark, and I was so happy about it.”

The Girls’ Generation star also divulges that she met Baz Luhrmann at a fashion show last year and was overwhelmed with excitement. “I am the biggest Baz Luhrmann nerd,” Young shares, adding that she brought up the idea him making her next music video, to which he accepted her fer to meet about it. “He knew who I was,” she exclaims.

Young also gushes about her love RuPaul’s Drag Race when asked what the last show she binge watched was. “I’m such a fan,” she tells Briggs. “The queens just make you so positive and they make you feel understood and I just love the way they remind me Girls’ Generation.”

Additionally, the singer chats about her worst onstage moment to date, recalling the time she danced in the opposite direction her bandmates. “Everyone says that is what made me famous,” she shares. “It’s sad because for me, I was so focused on singing live that I couldn’t change my mic and that’s why I went the other way. But you know what? It happened and I don’t regret it at all and for a long time — maybe like most my career — I could not look at it or own it, but now, looking back at it, 11 years ago, it’s pretty cute now!”

You can watch the full video above.