Tiffany Trumps Likes Instagram Post That Shades Father's Republican Party


Tiffany Trump has largely avoided the spotlight since her father became president during the 2016 elections. Half-sister Ivanka seems to have assumed the role as spokeswoman for the family, as she routinely engages in interviews and public appearances in order to represent her father in absentia. However, Tiffany made a bold statement recently on Instagram that seems to be at odds with her highly-contested father and his political agenda.

The 24 year-old's ficial Instagram account liked a post showcasing a sign from the March for Our Lives Rally on Saturday that reads "Next massacre will be the GOP in the Midterm Elections." 

It is expected that being the daughter the President will ensure that Tiffany supports her father's political endeavours, seeing as how she must now act as an extension his particular platform and policies. However, Tiffany has never been one to publicly align herself with Donald Trump's stint in the Oval Office, dodging the press and any discussion about his polarizing place in politics. 

Twitter has been ablaze with excitement over Tiffany's support the March For Our Lives rally, and its her subtle takedown the GOP.