Tiësto & Friends Talk ‘Together’ EP in Track-By-Track Breakdown


When you've been in the game as long as Tiësto, it's always refreshing to see the world from a new perspective. His Musical Freedom label has given a voice to many up-and-comers, and all the cool ideas floating around inspired the legend to release a collaborative EP. Together is all about powers combined and frontiers discovered — oh, and festival-sized electro bangers.

It sounds like a wild trip around the world with one of the biggest DJs and his friends. Each track is bouncy, bassy and full of massive energy. Some of them premiered during Tiësto's main stage set at Tomorrowland 2018, so you may recognize some of these drops. We caught up with Tiësto and some of his collaborators to hear the story behind each tune.

Tiësto & Dzeko, "Halfway There" (feat. Lena Leon)

Tiësto: I premiered this track at Tomorrowland last year, and we’ve been getting messages from people about releasing it ever since. It has a nice old-school, catchy melody, and that’s why I love this so much.

Dzeko: "Halfway There" is a very special track to me. We actually worked on it all together about two years ago back in LA. It has a beautiful melody, and amazing vocals by Leona adds the final touches. This song has been working so well, and I'm happy it's out on the new Tiësto EP​.

Tiësto & Mesto, "Can’t Get Enough"

Tiësto: I fell in love with this drop the first time Mesto played it for me, and we decided to finish the track together.

Mesto: Since we released our first collab "Coming Home," we couldn’t get enough and decided to make a follow up. I’m super thankful for Tiësto’s support, and It’s an honor to release this second collab with him. 

Tiësto & SWACQ, "Party Time"

Tiësto: When SWACQ played me this melody it stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I called him the next day and asked him to let me finish the track. I love this because it sounds original and there is nothing out there like this!”

Tiësto & Sikdope, "My Whistle"

Tiësto: I discovered Sikdope when he released “Snakes,” and since then, I have been a fan of his style. He always has original ideas, so when he wanted to collaborate on this one, I had a great idea for a big drop. We changed the whistle into a catchier vibe as well. This is a big track for me in my sets.

Tiësto & Stoltenhoff, "Lose Control"

Tiësto: I have been playing [Stoltenhoff's] tracks for a while now, and they all have high energy. He is a very creative artist, and I love how we made this crazy hard track together. Definitely something I will play late at night, and at the end of my festival sets.

Tiësto & 7 Skies, "Trouble" Feat. Micky Blue

Tiësto: 7 Skies and I have been working together for a while. He is a genius in creating fresh new sounds, and when we were in our Musical Freedom studio, we decided to make this beauty together. It’s a bit old-school progressive, with a catchy melody.

7 Skies​: Besides being an honor to have worked with Tiësto on something, I'm absolutely thrilled to have this song finally released. The initial idea was made almost three years ago. Since then, Tijs and I have been sending versions back and forth with tweaks and changes up until a few days before Tomorrowland 2018 when we finally managed to get it right. The day after having the final version, Micky added her magic with the topline, and everything was a wrap — just in time to be premiered for Tiësto’s main stage set. I love this track. I feel like we have been able to create the perfect blend of acoustic and electronic sounds, and at the same time deliver a track with lots of energy perfect for the dance floor.​

Tiësto & John Christian, "Can You Feel It"

Tiësto: John and I have been friends for a while, and when we’re in the studio together, magic happens. This will be a go-to uplifting track that will be a mainstay in my festival sets throughout 2019.

Tiësto & Aazar, "Diamonds" (feat. Micky Blue)

Tiësto: This is the first time I made a "trap" track, and Aazar took it to the next level. It started off a few years ago with a melody I made as a joke called “I Love Tiësto,” but now it transformed into this. I love Micky's vocal on it as well. She did an amazing job.

Aazar: Back in 2009, I bought a ticket to go see Tiësto play live in my hometown Paris. Fast forward 10 years later, and we are collabing on a record together. I never thought something like this could’ve happened, and all of it has been such an amazing experience from the start. He has been someone I look up to in my career, and someone who made it very easy to work with — 5 stars, would recommend.

Together is out now on Musical Freedom. Listen to it below.