Tierra Whack Kills Her "Unemployed" Single Live On A Colors Show


Tierra Whack made headlines this past year with her insanely unique and creative Whack World EP. The artist proved she is a true visionary; writing, rapping, and creatively directing all the videos to go along with, all of the songs on her album. 

Her debut album, Whack World, received widespread critical acclaim, and her 2017 single, “Mumbo Jumbo”, had an accompanying music video that garnered a “Best Music Video” nomination for the 2019 Grammy Awards, making the 23 year-old one to watch. As most rappers that hail from Philly, Whack has the nack (that was intentional) for spitting fast, tongue-tying flows impeccably.  Though rap seems to be her forté, the “Only Child” singer often experiments with genre within her music, and has been quoted as saying, “one day I’ll make a rap song, the next day I’ll make a pop song, the next day I’ll make a rock song, the next day I’ll make R&B.”

This is not the case for Whack’s single “Unemployed” though, as the song delivers straight, hard-hitting rap, and trap vibes. Whack goes IN as she spits rapid-fire flows that partner an intense set of lyrics. 

If you’re wondering whether her live performance is up to par with the studio version, you can see just how talented the young artist really is with her Colors performance, published yesterday on YouTube. In true Colors form, Tierra performs in a monochromatic orange environment, with a matching orange ensemble, complete with blue accents. The rapper delivers her flow impeccably, never missing a beat from the song’s original delivery.