Thomas Rhett Talks Best Male Artist ACMs Win, Why He Co-Wrote Every Song On His New Album: Watch


Thomas Rhett stopped to speak with Billboard backstage at the ACM Awards on Sunday (Apr. 7) following his best male artist win, as he opened up about how it felt to receive the award and what fans can expect from his forthcoming album Center Point Road.

Asked how it felt to receive the honor of best male artist, Rhett tells Billboard that he can’t stop smiling, noting that he hasn’t smiled this much since his children were born.

“It is very, very surreal,” he explains, adding that every time he goes to an awards show, he never expects to win. “But when they do say your name…it is a feeling unlike any feeling in the world,” he states. “It was so fun to share that moment with my wife, and with all of our country music fans, and our families, and record labels, and management and publishers, it was just rocking.”

Rhett also chats about his fourth studio album Center Point Road, which is due for release on May 31, and why he decided to co-write every song on it.

“We got pitched so many outside songs that were so great, but I think one of the things that lacks for me on outside songs is that my personality couldn't have been put into it,” he says. “So I've really enjoyed getting to write all the songs on this record.”

“Maybe it's a blessing, maybe it's a curse,” Rhett confesses with a laugh. “We're gonna find out. But it's really nice to be able to put my personality on each and every song. When I do write a song, I do feel that much more attached to it. Especially when you see them go on the radio, and people starting to sing your songs back too, you know when you're a part of that co-write is very special.”

You can watch the full video interview with Thomas Rhett above, and check out a clip of his ACMAs performance below.

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