Thom Yorke Laments Brexit Mess, Says Americans at Least Have the Chance to Push Trump ‘Off the Cliff’


Thom Yorke wishes he hadn't been so prescient. So when host Stephen Colbert asked him "how does it feel to be right?" on Tuesday night's (Oct. 1) Late Show, the Radiohead singer deflected the question about whether the band was trying to predict our current political nightmare on albums such as 2003's Hail to the Thief.

"I guess I wasn't thinking about the future, I guess I was looking at what was happening at the time," Yorke said of his frame of mind during the recording of the album that took on the war on terror and the rightward tilt of governance. "I thought everything I was talking about was already there. When we wrote the album Hail to the Thief that seemed pretty bad…that period of time when Bush Jr. got in. And now we're here."

Here, of course, is the U.S. bracing for a potentially fracturous battle over the possible impeachment of Pres. Trump as well as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's struggle to pull of a clean Brexit as he faces calls to resign over reports of past impropriety. "We obviously have really screwed the pooch over here," he laughed. "You have at least the chance to push him [Trump] off the cliff — just him. We're tied to these guys. They’re tying us up and they’re going to take us off the cliff with them, and as they do it, they’re saying they’re the will of the people. It’s kind of disturbing. We live in strange times.”

The pair also reminisced about the 2011 appearance Radiohead made on The Colbert Report's Rocktember special, whether the Queen of England could potentially chop off Johnson's head (or at least sack him), how Yorke has definitely "blown" the chance to be knighted thanks to his a scathing July tweet about Johnson and the dreamy inspiration for the title of his recent solo album ANIMA.

Watch Yorke's appearance on The Late Show below.