This Canadian Horse Might Be Fleetwood Mac's Biggest Fan: Watch


Documentary film students Victoria Anderson-Gardner and Morningstar Derosier were treated to a surprise while shooting a project on indigenous sundancers in Ontario last month. Although the cousins set out to find human dancers, their latest film subject has four legs. The Internet loves a viral dance video, and the latest discovery this week is no exception. 

After a day shooting, the cousins drove past a horse and decided to say hello. "Just for shits and gigs, I was like, 'Let’s serenade this horse!'" Anderson-Gardener told BuzzFeed. "I asked Morningstar to turn up the tunes and record me so I could post it on my Insta story.”

While playing "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac — the band's plush, ethereal anthem — their four-legged friend got groovy to the sweet sounds Stevie Nicks' signature rasp. "We started singing and then noticed the horse started to dance, so we turned the music up even louder!" 

The girls confirmed that they will definitely look out for the horse — who has amazing taste in music — next year when they return to the area. 

Could the "Dreams" Challenge be the internet's next big viral sensation? We will definitely stay tuned. 

Check out the video below.