The Weeknd's New Album Is Nearly Complete


There may be no two words rap fans detest more than "coming soon." Generally, we're well familiar with the disheartening subtext. All too ten, "coming soon" has come to mean the opposite; many a purgatorial wait was kicked f with the optimistic intentions a "coming soon." Luckily, The Weeknd has spared us on that front. Instead, he has filled his social media with a more tangible measure stick. Recent pictures suggest that Abel's untitled project has reached the mastering stages. Musicians know that this generally represents the final step in an album's conception, and once the masters are complete, it shouldn't be long before singles and artwork begin to surface.

In true Weeknd fashion, mystery has surrounded the project. Travis Scott previously described the project as either "scary" or "cray," depending on what you choose to interpret. If you, like many, are hoping Abel reverts to his darker roots, feel free to opt for the former.

Granted, it's entirely possible he continues down the pop-adjacent road his previous release, but something tells me that Abel will be back with a vengeance this time around. Recent reports confirmed that The Weeknd was shooting a music video, and he has also been tapped for a major performance at Coachella in April. All signs point to an imminent return from Starboy...coming soon.