The Weeknd Opens Up To Fans In "Another You" Documentary


The Weeknd is fering fans an inside look at his daily life. He is teaming with Apple Music to release a 4 part mini series documenting the maniacal set-up for Coachella this year. The docu-diary will also give fans an exclusive look at The Weeknd’s creative process. Those with a keen eye will be able to discern a singular voice throughout the series. The Weeknd seems to be set on consolidating his early promise with the music expressed in his Starboy album. Another You is our best look into the future, in the limited time we can afford to spend on one man’s dream.

The teaser posted by the Weeknd is a dramatic rendering the singer walking to ledge as he begins his sound check. The empty auditorium echoes in the background. The documentary will be split into 4 parts, weeks apart. Another You quickly proceeds the release his album #1 album My Dear Melancholy, which has sat in that position going on three weeks now. 

The first installment the documentary is available on Apple Music right as we speak. It’s an unprecedented move for the singer who has long defended his personal space, especially after a tumultuous year letting go.