The Weeknd Deletes Instagram & Fans Think "Chapter VI" Is Coming


It’s been too long since we’ve gotten a new project from The Weeknd. Last year, fans believed that they would be eating good and, to an extent, they did. The Canadian crooner delivered on My Dear Melancholy, before going missing for the remainder of the annum. There were times where fans believed he could be prepping us for a couple of new EPs to perhaps complete a new trilogy but those rumours were debunked quickly after they started. Then, Abel announced during a concert that he was working on a new album called Chapter VI. Months have gone by since then and still, we’ve got nothing. Maybe this is a sign that good things are nearly upon us.

When an artist is trying to build hype for a new body of work, one of the most common things they’ll do is wipe their social media profiles to start fresh, introducing a new era literally and figuratively. The Weeknd has effectively just done that by deactivating his Instagram account, leaving fans to wonder if Chapter VI could actually be on the way. The last time we got a new single from this talented artist feels like it was ages ago so fresh tunes would definitely be welcome with open arms. Some fans theorized that something would drop yesterday — especially considering it was the sixth day of the sixth month of 2019. It would have made sense to drop Chapter VI on June 6 but as you all know now, that wasn’t the case.

Do you think this means anything in terms of Weeknd’s future release plans?