The Underclassmen Show How Technology Shapes Our Relationships With ‘Former Life’ Premiere


Fast-rising L.A. duo The Underclassmen released the video for "Former Life," the first track for vocalist Justin Cole and guitarist/vocalist Dan Picarel's new project, today (June 21).

The dynamic, catchy pop track was produced and co-written by Curtis Douglas, and the Underclassmen is co-managed by Douglas and Scott Waldman.

The accompanying video for "Former Life" is directed by Jacob Reynolds and produced by Douglas and The Underclassmen and follows the romance between a young couple in two different decades and showcases the toll that technology and social media has on our relationships and connections.

“We went to Phoenix to write and record with Curtis, and this song came out of nowhere. It came together organically, and within a few hours, we had it," Picarel said about the track. “Documenting the experience for likes and acceptance has almost become more important than actually living said experience," Cole added. '‘Former Life’ is a reminder to live in and cherish each moment.”

Watch the new video below.