‘The Simpsons’ Takes Aim at President Trump With ‘West Side Story’ Parody: Watch


“They shouldn’t be in America/ No one but me in America,” animated Trump sings in the clip.

The ongoing Twitter skirmish between President Trump and "The Squad" — the nickname of four Democratic U.S. congresswomen Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — already feels like a cartoon version of real life. So, of course, The Simpsons turned the ongoing conflict into an acutal 90-second animated bit dubbed "West Wing Story" this week, in which the already orange-faced Tweeter-in-Chief sings about wanting to exile them to the tune of "America" from West Side Story.

"They shouldn’t be in America/ No one but me America/ No taxes for me in America/ This is my natural hair-ica!," a glum Trump sings to a photo of the members of Congress after lamenting "so many problems… tariffs… I need a distraction." The four outspoken reps then burst out of the photo and chase a scared Trump through the White House. "We're more American than your wife," they sing, as a worried Trump responds, "She's not a big presence in my life." 

"Your love life makes us heave," Ocasio-Cortez shoots back as Trump threatens, "You two will never see Tel Aviv" — a reference to his ongonig war of words with Tlaib and Omar over their now-scotched plans to visit Israel. "You’re Boris Johnson without the class/ Can’t wait to see you behind prison glass/ Your nose is right up Putin’s ass/ We say it’s time to impeach you fast.”

By the end, Trump is doing a can-can line dance with all the 2020 democratic presidential candidates while struggling to catch his breath as former Vice President Joe Biden jokes, "Who's the old man now?" The Simpsons will be back for its 30th season on Sept. 29.

Watch the clip below.