"The Probe" Philly Crime Drama Stars Gillie Da Kid & Clifton Powell


There’s a new crime drama getting ready to hit the airwaves and this time the storyline follows the rough underbelly of Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is steeped in U.S. history, and the fictionalized series The Probe will follow various figures in the drug and real estate market who are looking for a piece of the American Dream.

According to executive producer Cortez Johnson, The Probe is a series unlike any other that has been set in the heart of Philly. Johnson believes that the show will not only “move the culture,” but it will “stir up universal issues in a nonstop twisting and turning, nail-biting way.”

“In the mean streets of Philadelphia there is no loyalty and betrayal is an everyday ritual,” the press release states about the show. “Internal Affairs are watching dirty cops, The Feds are watching dirty politicians, judges, and drug dealers. The drug dealers are watching their backs from their rivals and the dirty law enforcement- on and off their payroll. This gritty drama has everyone watching each other and at the same time trying to escape the deadly web of deceit.”

The Probe hosts a bevy of recognizable faces including Clifton Powell (Ray, Rush Hour, Menace II Society, All Eyez On Me, Dead Presidents), rapper and Philly native Gillie Da Kid, Neil Carr, Dennis White, rapper Omillio Sparks, Nakia Dillard, and many more. Filming began earlier this year, but Johnson has dropped off the first trailer for the forthcoming series. Check it out below and let us know what you think.