The Orwells Break Up Following Sexual Abuse Allegations


The Orwells announced their breakup on Wednesday (Aug. 29) following a string sexual abuse allegations and a canceled show. Their statement on Twitter simply reads, "The Orwells have disbanded."

After allegations against band members Mario Cuomo, Henry Brinner and Grant Brinner surfaced online over the weekend, The Orwells' show at Chicago's Metro venue was canceled. The band vehemently denied the allegations on Monday.

A statement provided to Billboard on Monday reads: "While callow altercations and vulgar language we’ve used in the past must be recognized and owned up to, the accusations sexual assault are completely unfounded. No member this band has ever acted without consent or maliciously taken advantage anyone." 

The band members have been accused  sexual assault, sexual interactions with underage girls, sending unsolicited nude photos and videos, making homophobic remarks and acts violence.

See the tweet below: