"The Office" Revival Rumours Spurred By "Making A Strangler" Parody Video


Since the untimely cancellation The Office, fans the series have been yearning for a revival. John Krasinski has recently gone on record to note how he is definitely interested in rekindling the buffoonery and gags that have made the hit NBC comedy a favourite amongst audiences. 

The studio is fuelling the rumour mill that The Office may make a return to primetime television by sharing a video titled Making a Strangler, which is an obvious ode to the hit Netflix docu-series Making a Murderer. The ten minute clip is comprised archival footage from the show, as an effort to “delve into the theory whether mild mannered HR Rep Toby Flenderson could have been the infamous Scranton Strangler all along.”

Throughout nine seasons, the strangler was spotted many times, and was even sent to jail thanks to Toby serving on the jury during his trial. However, fans the series have suspected Toby was the culprit all along, with one Twitter user explaining his theory in detail over social media. 

Throughout the ensuing feed, this investigative Twitter user thoroughly breaks down the instances throughout the series that pinpoint Toby as the strangler. 

Peep the video below in anticipation a potential The Office revival.